“Slow Self”

“Slow Self”

Sara Sofia Wallach

Sara Sofia Wallach is a fine art photographer living in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. After finishing her bachelor's degree at in photography Bard College, she lived in Eastern Europe, including Greece and Albania, and later London where she pursued a Master's degree in Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her creative interests stem from a lifelong project on mess, ruin, death, and impermanence.


Statement: Every moment has a history. Every mess has been made. How did it happen? How will it be cleaned up?

I find and focus on instances and places that are now left over. I explore the hidden identities of these forgotten objects. Mess, litter, and trash objects can be put back together in a new form: a photograph. The transformative power of photography allows these identities to be revealed. I view myself as the detective, finding existing visual moments and coaxing a new truth from them. Reframing our understanding of these things can be exhilarating, a radical reinterpretation of meaning and visual language.  


All work is available in limited editions. Please see shop or contact me directly for inquiries .

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